Senior School Transition

Preparing for Senior School Transition

The Richard Pate School finishes at Year 6 and we work closely with parents to ensure the next school will build on the excellent foundations we have created. Children have transitioned to more than 40 different schools over the past ten years and we pride ourselves not only in giving the children the best preparation to gain places but even more importantly to thrive once they get there.

We provide a range of support and guidance for parents and children in choosing the right Senior School.  We are proud of the number and diversity of schools that our children regularly go to, including grammar, independent and comprehensive schools.

We have an impressive record of getting children into their school of choice and a reputation for giving good advice on the most suitable schools for each child. This begins in Year 4 with a ‘Transition to Senior School’ talk given to all parents by the Headmaster, followed up with individual appointments.

All subjects are taught with regard to the national curriculum, as well as thorough preparation for the entrance test to grammar schools and independent senior school applications. By the time our pupils reach the upper years, they are already keen, enthusiastic, independent learners. In addition to their class teacher, they are taught by a team of specialist teachers and have increased individual responsibility for learning and homework. Beyond this, we focus on the following:

11+ entrance exam:

Our specialised 11+ preparation helps them hone the skills they have already learned, and allows them to approach the exam with confidence.

  • Year 4/5 homework designed to familiarise the children with non-verbal and verbal reasoning activities
  • Year 5: Non-Verbal/Verbal Reasoning lessons with the Headmaster
  • Exam technique
  • Mock tests – preparing children for the experience of sitting the test in exam conditions as well as providing feedback on areas for development

Independent senior school application:

  • Practice papers for independent school entrance exams
  • Online testing: GL assessments and CAT scores
  • Exam technique
  • Interview practice with the Headmaster
  • Presentation skills training
  • Completion of reference forms (as required)
  • Liaison with receiving Heads and admissions departments with regards to scholarships

State comprehensive:

  • Completion of transition and reference forms (as required)
  • Liaison with link tutors

We are extremely proud of our academic record.  Every year a large percentage gain places at grammar schools and win scholarships to independent schools in a wide range of fields including academic, sports, music, art and drama.

Destination Schools Information

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Saturday 5th October 2024

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