Term Dates




AUTUMN 1 Starts: Wednesday 6th September (Full day)
Ends:  Friday 20th October (Full day)
Half term Saturday 21st October to Sunday 5th November inclusive
AUTUMN  2 Starts: Monday 6th November (Full day)
Ends:  Friday 15th December (½ day)



SPRING 1 Starts: Monday 8th January (Full day)
Ends:  Friday 9th February (Full day)
Half term Saturday 10th February to Sunday 18th February inclusive
SPRING 2 Starts: Monday 19th February (Full day)
Ends:  Friday 22nd March (½ day)


SUMMER 1 Starts: Monday 15th April (Full day)
MAY  DAY Monday 6th May
Ends:  Friday 24th May (Full day)
Half term Saturday 25th May to Sunday 2nd June inclusive
SUMMER  2 Starts: Monday 3rd June (Full day)
Ends:  Wednesday 10th  July (½ day)

Parents are respectfully reminded that children should not be taken out of school during term time and that family holidays should coincide with holiday dates.

Open Morning: Saturday 5th October 2024

Saturday 5th October 2024

10am – 12.30pm

Come and meet our staff and pupils, have a tour of the school and discover how we can provide the ideal start to your child’s education.

To register or to book an individual tour, please call 01242 522086 or email admissions@richardpate.co.uk