Junior Enrichment

In addition to being stretched in the classroom by work appropriate to their ability, our more-able children are challenged by entering local and national competitions for different subjects. We have been very successful in local Maths competitions and a number of pupils have had their written work published after taking part in writing competitions. We also have a ‘Challenge Club’ which gives pupils the opportunity to work together on a range of different topics.

To further deepen the knowledge and understanding of each subject covered, we have a ‘Curriculum Focus’ programme. Each term a different subject from the curriculum is enhanced upon through a variety of exciting activities designed to stimulate interest and curiosity for that subject. Some memorable examples of activities have included: whole school days for designing and flying kites; running/walking marathons around the field; learning how to joust medieval style on Space Hoppers. Wonderful trips and a wide range of visitors also enhance each focus period. This varied approach recognises that we all learn differently and also offers opportunities for extension activities within the subject.

Our library at RPS is vibrant and well stocked with both fiction and non-fiction books.  All children visit the library and are encouraged to foster a love of reading by taking books home, whilst older children are introduced to using books for research and as a source of ideas. We make excellent use of technology to enhance our children’s learning; there is a very well-resourced ICT suite and banks of iPads which go into lessons to provide appropriate access to IT in all subjects.

Open Morning: Saturday 5th October 2024

Saturday 5th October 2024

10am – 12.30pm

Come and meet our staff and pupils, have a tour of the school and discover how we can provide the ideal start to your child’s education.

To register or to book an individual tour, please call 01242 522086 or email admissions@richardpate.co.uk