Junior Co-Curricular

At Richard Pate, our children receive the best education to help them succeed in academic life and prepare them for senior school. Whilst this is of-course important, we also believe that a child’s learning goes beyond the classroom, and that children benefit from the development of their own specific interests and skills. To support this growth, we offer a wide range of co-curricular activities led by our team of enthusiastic staff as well as some external providers.



At Richard Pate, sport plays an integral part in the wider curriculum and we offer a full and balanced sports and extra-curricular activities programme.  Every child at Richard Pate is encouraged to participate at the level which suits them. Whatever their ability, our goal is that all pupils enjoy their sport through the provision of outstanding teaching and training to help them recognise their full potential.

Every age group enjoys weekly PE lessons and activities include:

  • PE: gymnastics, dance, swimming, athletics
  • Games: hockey, rugby, football, netball, tennis and cricket.

All the children get opportunities to experience a range of health and fitness activity, multi skills and other multi-sport. They focus on the skills needed to play the sports competently and safely and will gain experience of competition in school teams or our inter-house competitions during the course of the year.

By the end of their time at Richard Pate, we want our children to understand the importance of how being active and healthy can help contribute towards a happy life.  All our children are encouraged to have a positive growth mind-set towards sport and to feel that they have worked hard and made progress during their Richard Pate sports journey.



Music must be accessible to all, a chance to develop new skills individually, collectively and above all else fun.  We provide a structured core music curriculum for all children that will allow children to enjoy and participate in active music-making. They will develop an understanding of musical concepts and cultivate practical skills, enabling them to respond and communicate musical ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Music lessons are delivered through creative, practical and hands on teaching that centres on singing, performing, composing, listening and appraising. We really believe in the importance of children being able to read different forms of notation, and follow the Kodaly method to ensure that all pupils can contribute and engage fully.

We understand the importance of providing the children with access to live performances and engaging visiting musicians as well as music workshops and school trips, making full use of the outstanding opportunities Cheltenham offers.   In addition, we run a number of popular extra-curricular activities including choirs, ukulele group, orchestra, string group and flute ensemble.

For pupils who are committed to instrumental study we offer a wide range of peripatetic lessons.

We provide many opportunities for budding musicians to perform in solo and ensemble performances. These include assemblies, lunchtime concerts and concerts on and off site.

For every age group, we teach knowledge, skills and understanding of music. The teaching units are progressive and linked to curriculum topics where possible; for example, linking composers and genres to History and Cultures. Currently we weave the musical curriculum around school based topics, so that we will cover subject topics such as Chinese music, Jazz, Samba, Fireworks, The Blues

African music, Indian music, programme music, WW2 and song writing.

By the end of Richard Pate, we hope that all our pupils will develop an understanding and enjoyment of a broad spectrum of musical styles, and become confident singers! Music lessons are really important in developing personal qualities such as concentration, memory, responsibility, self-criticism and improvement, and commitment to long-term goals. But above all else we want our pupils to learn to appreciate music on their own terms, whether they actively pursue it or simply listen to it.

Performing Arts

Children dressed in animal costumes for a play

Performing Arts

The performing arts have a high profile giving children the opportunity to experience aspects of dance and drama.

Dance is taught throughout the school and extra peripatetic ballet and modern dance lessons are available.

Drama is taught as a curriculum subject to all juniors, encouraging children to develop a range of dramatic activities including mime, improvisation, public speaking and performing skills whilst gaining self-confidence and building self-esteem. During their time at the school, children are given the opportunity to participate in whole year group productions culminating in a year 6 musical or play.

Clubs and Activities

boy kicking a ball

Clubs and Activities

A wide variety of clubs and activities is offered to children at lunch times and after school.

We encourage all of our pupils to participate in this important area of school life.

The timetable is very comprehensive and is extended by a full programme of clubs which take place for the older children during lunch breaks and before/after school. These change termly but include:

  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Goalkeeper Training
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Cricket
  • Multi-Sport
  • Dance
  • Flute
  • Violin
  • Orchestra
  • Strings Group
  • Ukulele
  • Music & Movement
  • Language Explorers
  • Programming
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Green Fingers
  • Busy Fingers
  • Choir
  • Gymnastics
  • Debating
  • Construction

Trips & Visits

Trips & Visits

Throughout the year, children in all classes are taken on trips and expeditions to a variety of locations. Regular day trips see the children travel to Gloucester Cathedral, the Caerleon Fortress and the Commandery Museum to name but a few. Our older children enjoy residential trips which build independence and confidence. In Year 4 or 5, the children travel to a PGL centre to enjoy their first residential experience of high adrenaline while the Year 6 pupils have their own adventure in a chateau in northern France where they can practice their extensive French language skills and take part in adventurous activities.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

The children’s academic education is hugely important but we also strive to give them experiences outside of the classroom. The eleven and half acre site features wide open spaces in which to run and explore and despite being near the heart of Cheltenham, our beautiful woodland area allows the children to experience our nature first hand. The pond provides even our youngest children with an opportunity to study another ecosystem. The newly developed sensory trail also gives children the chance to enjoy the wonders of our natural world.

The Richard Pate School Award

The Richard Pate School Award

Launched in September 2021, the Richard Pate School Award is a new co-curricular award scheme created to enable our Year 6 children to get the most out of their last year at RPS and to prepare them for their next school and beyond.

Many of the children are already well involved in school life by Year 6 and through participation in the five different areas of the Award outlined below, these efforts will be recognised, their skills further developed and they will have fun in the process.

The Award scheme is made up of the following five areas:

  1. Clubs
  2. Sport
  3. Service and Leadership
  4. Exploration and Teamwork
  5. Mentoring

By the end of the year, we hope that all our Year 6 children will have developed new skills, made new friends and made a positive difference in the school. An Award assembly will take place at the end of the year to receive certificates and badges.

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Saturday 5th October 2024

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