The Richard Pate School Raspberry Pi Project


A Door Answering System for the Elderly or Disabled

A team of six pupils from Years 5 and 6 has won the PA Consulting Raspberry Pi Competition! The team's project helps elderly or disabled people to answer the door by letting the person inside wirelessly send messages to the person at the front door, or even unlock it. There is also a keypad by the front door, so a key code can be used by trusted visitors to unlock the door from the outside. Please click on the Project Documentation or the YouTube clip to find out more!

Please click on the photo for a full resolution image.


Below you will find the full project documentation and the program source code, which is a Scratch file.

Project Documentation

The full documentation for the project

Scratch Program File

The source code, as a file to be loaded into Scratch


Below is a YouTube clip of the Raspberry Pi Team doing an assembly to show the school how they made the program, and what it does. Click here to see the clip in YouTube.