Richard Pate School Crest

The Richard Pate School, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Physical Education

The school has its own extensive playing fields, netball courts, gymnasium / hall and an all-weather surface with floodlights. The Physical Education department strives for sporting excellence as well as depth across all areas, developing all children’s potential. One of the main aims is that every child leaves the school having enjoyed playing games as well as taking part in other Physical Education activities. The children also learn the importance of physical exercise for a healthy lifestyle. 

The sporting programme is designed to develop individual skills whilst teaching children to work together in small groups and teams. All children follow a programme in dance, gymnastics, tennis and swimming. In games lessons the boys participate in rugby, hockey, football and cricket whilst the girls have hockey, netball and rounders. Children also have an opportunity to participate in cross-country and athletics and an introduction to pop lacrosse for the girls.

“The school is notable for its many individual and team successes in a wide range of sports and activities.”

ISI Inspection Report

There is a full fixture list which includes local and national tournaments. The Richard Pate School fields boys’ teams in rugby, football and cricket, the girls in netball and rounders, as well as boys and girls teams in hockey, cross-country, swimming and athletics.

Our inclusive approach ensures that all children will have opportunities to represent the school during their junior years. We also play hotly contested house matches that allow all pupils to experience the delight of taking part in competitive sport.