Richard Pate School Crest

The Richard Pate School, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Activities and Outings

The timetable is very comprehensive and is extended by clubs and societies which operate for the older children during lunch breaks and after normal school. In addition to traditional sports, these include:

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Chess
  • Flute
  • Violin
  • Orchestra
  • Musicianship
  • Langauages
  • Debating
  • Programming
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Drum club
  • Knitting club
  • Gymnastics


“The quality of relationships between staff and pupils and between pupils themselves is a great strength. Pupils are considerate and work and play happily together.”

ISI Inspection Report

Throughout the year, children in all classes are taken on trips and expeditions to a variety of locations. In Year 6, pupils are given the opportunity to attend a week-long educational holiday in France which combines both language and adventurous activities.