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Try one of our recipes...





        Fresh Fruit Salad



        Shortbread Sparkers

Year 1

        Chewy Microwave Flapjacks

        Fruit Crumble

Year 2

        Bread Hedgehogs

Year 3

        Tortoise Sandwich

Year 4

        Rice Krispies Crunchy

        Mallow Bars

        Chocolate Salami

Year 5

        Nutty Slack

Year 6

        All in One Lemon Drizzle Cake

        Decorated Fudge Cakes

        Pasta, Peas and Bacon

        Noodle Soup


Or have a go at one of our quizzes...






Year 1

        Space Quiz

Year 3

        Romans Quiz

        Dinosaurs Quiz

Year 4

        Norman and Early Plantagenet King Quiz

Year 5

        Tudors Quiz

Year 6

        World War 2 Quiz

        Victorians Quiz

        Slow Worms Quiz


        French Quiz